CloudFlare outage

CloudFlare Outage 30th Aug 2020

Sunday morning, August 30th 2020, CloudFlare faced another outage. As per their twitter handle, they claimed that this was due to the 3rd party transit provider incident. As per them, this was due to an IP outage by ISP CenturyLink. This was noted across many portals. Many customers reported the same and twitter was flooded…

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How to make your own CDN?

There are many CDN players in the market. Have you ever wondered how you can make your own CDN, which is cost efficient and able to provide you good performance? In this post we are going to see how you can make your own CDN network in the most optimal way. The CDN that we…

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What should be cached on CDN servers?

What should you cache at the CDN servers? This is the first question that will come to your mind once you start configuring CDN caching rules for your website. The best scenario would be caching your entire website. But, unfortunately, this might not work always. Then it becomes important to decide, what you should cash…

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Making best use of your CDN?

Making best use of CDN services is very important. Not only because you have paid for it and not using it is a waste of your money, but also, your website might lag behind your competitor and this could be easily avoided. Lets discuss how we easily avoid doing so. Before we proceed further let’s…

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Which CDN Is the Best?

The question is very simple that which CDN is the best?  But the answer is not. There are different perspective for this question.  eg Are you looking for Best CDN by performance? Are you looking for Best CDN by Price? Are you looking for Best CDN by your budget? Are you looking for Best CDN…

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What is a CDN [Content Delivery Network]?

What is a CDN [Content Delivery Network]? CDN stands for Content Delivery Network, Its a network of distributed servers which is used for delivering content in the most optimal way and improves end user’s performance. It can be as simple as a simple Caching server and as complex as a caching server with web application…

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